Trailing of The Sheep, day two

Ah, the end of the trail.  Yesterday was our first day home and I spent it trying to catch up with all the basics (laundry, getting food in the house, unpacking, getting the kids back into a homeschool routine).  I also pulled together all the video I took from Trailing of the Sheep, spliced it into smaller pieces, and added a great bit of Irish music from Sláinte.

And more photos:

And one final photo, because it's fitting:


  1. Love it! Like a pacifist running of the bulls. Your photos as always lend a magnificent sense of being present during the events. I could smell the lanolin. As for your choice of the last photo? Great. Thanks for this!

    Take care,

  2. A pacifist running of the bulls. LOL. I love that image. :)


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