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As we move forward dismantling the systems of the past, for the good of all, the absolute least we can do is refrain from creating additional systems that our children and grandchildren will have to dismantle. We should not be engineering the Supreme Court to further the systemic abuse of others. This is how abuse, racism and other harmful practices become systemic. We vote in ways that place abusive people into the system. They then make decisions to appoint or hire others who will further legitimize or justify those ideas. When it gets to this point (and it IS to this point), it takes a monumental, collective effort to dismantle the many systems that support inhumane behavior. Those who disagree with that dismantling will call us destructive, but those are the very individuals who benefit from systemic cruelty. No worthy human being thinks caring for others is a threat to democracy. Just the opposite: we see caring for others as imperative for a functional democracy. We have too many

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