Making Peace: A Photography Experiment

Many of you will remember me taking selfie classes from Vivienne McMaster a few years ago.  I posted selfies on Twitter and shared the spirit of playfulness with others.

Vivienne is offering a special photography experiment *at no cost* during Thanksgiving week. I'm so excited about this!

She's invited other bloggers to play along during the week, sharing thoughts and self-portraits, and I'm taking the leap.  You can play along as Vivienne describes below or just play along through this blog, posting your photos in the comments.

Here is Vivienne's description of the experiment:

Here’s how it is going to work:
  • Next Monday through Friday I’ll be sharing a post about ‘Making Peace with My Smile’ on the Be Your Own Beloved blog.  I will (of course) include a selfie activity for you to try. As well, I’ll be including a question that might spark a blog prompt for you to combine with your selfie!
  • You can blog along with the prompts on your own site. Or you could share your smile selfie of the day with us on Instagram in the #beyourownbeloved community.  Or you could keep your photo to yourself and honour it as a personal journey of making peace with your smile.
  • It’s kind of like a free mini class! But with no expectations.  I’ll be sharing it over 5 days but you could take it slower if you’d like and try one per week for the next 5 weeks or start with the first one and know that there are other activities awaiting you when you feel ready for them.
  • I’m also consciously calling this an experiment because I hope that for all of us it will be something we can approach with curiosity. We aren’t expecting ourselves to love our smile in only 5 days, but I have a feeling if we open heartedly experiment with making peace with it, shifts will happen (I’m always amazed at how much things start to shift for people in Be Your Own Beloved within the first few days).


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