Mindful Writing Day

I'm not sure how long Fiona Robyn has been hosting River of Stones, an invitation to mindful writing.  This monthlong, January event has existed at least two years because that's how long I've been enjoying the small stones of bloggers I love and admire.

This year, Fiona is hosting the first-ever Mindful Writing Day on November first.  It's just one day and it's just a small bit of writing---a small stone---but there are over 1000 writers participating.

I adore the idea of so many writers polishing a handful of words until they resonate and I love the idea that, together, we create something really meaningful and reflective.

If you'd like to join us, here's the information from Fiona:

This Thursday the 1st of November is the first ever Mindful Writing Day, organised by Kaspa & Fiona at Writing Our Way Home.

To join in simply slow down, pay attention to one thing and write it down (making a small stone). Read all about it here.

small stones are easy to write, and they will help you connect to the world. Once you've started, you might not want to stop... You can read more about small stones and find out about Lorrie with pea-green eyes in Fiona's free ebook, Write Your Way Home.

If you visit Writing Our Way Home on Thursday you'll find out how to download your free kindle copy of the new anthology, 'A Blackbird Sings: a book of short poems'.

You can also submit your small stone and see it published on the blog, and be entered into a competition to win one of five paperback copies of the book.


  1. Thanks for this, Johanna. I'm going to look into it. "small stones" is an enticing concept. Mindful Writing Day sounds like a great way to kick off NaNo, too.

    Take care,


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