Thank you!

Thanks so much to all of you who made the release of Spillworthy a success!

Everything during release week was so much MORE than I imagined it would be. The reviews were better than I let myself dream they'd be. Sales were better than I expected. Social media coverage was amazing. Local support continues to blow me away. Along with this, the amount of work involved in a book release has been much more than I pictured it would be.

It's time now to take a couple weeks to help the kids catch up with homeschool--and to get new animals settled in at our house--and to get ready for National History Day.

I'm reading some fresh work from a friend, re-reading some Flannery O'Connor, and working on a new story.

I'll be doing a book signing and reading on June 12th at 7pm at Caldwell Public Library. I hope some of you will be in town that evening and will come see me. I'd love to see you.

Life is good.


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