Available versions of Spillworthy

Spillworthy released on May 1, 2014 and there are currently four versions of the book available. Why the four versions?  Read on.

Amazon paperback, ISBN 0991381025 

This is the version I call fun-size. The book is 5" x 7.5" and was my first choice for all printings. The book is not available for distribution through Ingram in this size, so it's exclusive to Amazon.

Fun Size, 5" x 7.5"

Kindle eBook, AISN B00JZ6PHKI 

I'm enrolled in the Kindle Direct program through Amazon, which gives Amazon exclusive rights to distribute the eBook for the first three months.  There are significant advantages for authors with this program.

Kindle eBook

Hardcover, ISBN 0991381009 

This is the 6x9 hardcover with dust jacket.  I created this version especially for bookstores, libraries, and serious fans.  It is available through Amazon, but it's published through Ingram, so there's a bit of a wait.

Available through Amazon and Ingram.

Dust Jacket for Hardcover

Trade paperback, ISBN 0991381017

This is the 6x9 trade paperback (thus it is the same size and pagination as the hardcover version). Like the hardcover version, the trade paperback was created specifically for distribution to bookstores and libraries through Ingram. It costs more than the fun-size version because Ingram requires a greater discount for wholesale distribution.  When I typed in the price I wanted to charge, Ingram informed me I would be paying people to buy my book, which is not a very good business practice (and also not allowed). This version is available through Amazon, but there is a significant wait. For those purchasing through Ingram, it's a great option.

Trade Paperback

About the Book:

A Spillworthy is an idea so good, it has to be shared and ten-year-old Ulysses Finch doesn't let being homeless get in his way.  He scrawls his best thoughts on pizza boxes, releases them into the wild, and relishes every response.  After moving to Idaho, Ulysses finds Gem Rost's journal and dives into reading it. She must be a kindred spirit!  Or is she?


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