Trailing of The Sheep

This week I'm in Ketchum, Idaho for The Trailing of The Sheep Festival.  I write. I raise sheep. I spin and knit. It's the perfect place for me to be.  I'm especially looking forward to attending, "Women Writing and Living The West," a day of storytelling and writing.

I've posted a few pictures on Twitter and thought I'd bring them together here for you.

I feel happy driving into this Idaho town.  How could you not?

Husband and kids walking on The Oregon Trail.  I think he lost one of them in the tall grass.  (This is near the Hagerman Fossil Beds in Hagerman, Idaho.)

Here I am at Galena Pass.  This is between Ketchum and Stanley, Idaho in the Sawtooth Mountains.

This is the road to Pettit Lake, also in The Sawtooth Mountains.

And here's The Salmon River, south of Stanley, Idaho.


  1. Not that I never had this impulse before I met you, but your photos always, always make me want to visit Idaho. So gorgeous.

  2. Those are some great photo, Johanna! I am especially impressed(understatement) by the yellow on - are those bushes, back behind you? Wow. That's some yellow! Things here in Portland are just starting to turn. At this moment, though I "know" they can, I can't imagine in my mind foliage BEING THAT YELLLOW!

    I can almost see Greg grin, as he walks with the kids down the Oregon Trail. How did you add the "old camera" dark around the edges on some of those?

    It looks like you're having a great time and the big Ketchum Running of the Sheep. Ok, now I've got myself imagining all these guys in white with red bandanas around their necks, running frantically down a crowded old town street as thousands of sheep stampede after them. Is it even possible for sheep to stampede?

    Thanks for sharing this, I wanna go!

    p.s. I think you've got sheep on the brain this week, and that's ok.

  3. The Trailing of The Sheep Festival: “Women Writing and Living The West:” , via @johannaharness

  4. Thanks, John! Wish you were there too. We had so much fun.

    The photo fun is thanks to I took a self-portrait class at the beginning of the year and found out about it then. For some reason, I always thought playing with pictures after they were taken was cheating. Now I just think of it the same way I think of editing my writing--as a necessary part of the process. :)


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