Transferring posts to grown-up blog

I'm updating my blog today, moving my old thoughts to something more fully-functional, something with (gasp!) comments.  And buttons.  And bells.  And whistles.

It had to happen sometime.

And yet I will miss my little, poorly-designed, barely-functioning, too-easy-to-break blog.

At Willamette Writers Conference, Chuck Palahniuk said, "You have to give up what you have, to have what you want."  How often do I get in my own way because I'm holding on to things that are broken?

So yeah, today I'm transferring posts and letting go.

What things are holding you back?


  1. Yay!! You don't know how many times I've read one of your posts and wanted to comment, but couldn't. LOL You don't even have to comment back, but I'm glad you've given us a way to respond now.

    And I *love* the look of your new blog...wonderful job. Congrats on moving forward! :-)

  2. Thank you, Jamie! I may need to ask your advice as I go along! :)


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