#Amwriting Birthday Party!

Wow.  I turned the calendar page this morning and realized #amwriting turns 5 years old on Sunday.

This seems like reason to have a party, doesn't it?

Anyone up for a blog hop party?

The rules are simple. You must be a participant in the #amwriting community on Twitter. This is a party. Please don't be that guy who thinks we've never seen a rant about people tweeting rather than writing. This is not the place for it. This is also not the place for a page-long advertisement for your work. It is fine to include links to your work after an insightful article. Do not simply put up a page of buy-Buy-BUY.

Prepare a post for your own blog about one of the following topics: 1) what the twitter group has meant to you as a writer ~or~ if you've been posting here for years, 2) tell us about your own development as a writer since you started using the hashtag.  This can include tasteful links to buy your work or a compendium of the most useful writing sites you've discovered over the years. (Please make sure the links are still active.)

In the comments below, tell us that you plan to participate and include 1) The topic for your post and 2) your blog address.

On Sunday, include a link to the next post in the comments. Make sure your link goes to a live post that adheres to the above rules.  If it does not, then link to the next post in the comments. (If it's the last post, link to the first.)

The last time we had an #amwriting blog hop party, participants had some of their highest traffic ever.  I know this doesn't give you much prep time, but short and spontaneous posts are perfect. We want time to catch up with old friends and meet new friends in the process, so we don't have a lot of time to spend on each post.  Raise a glass, open a present, release some balloons, provide a link or two, and then give us the next link.

*This blog uses G+ comments. If this doesn't work for you, you can email me your topic and web site address and I'll post it here for you. johanna@johannaharness.com


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