Introducing Bored Villains

Bored Villains is the brainchild of my daughter, who created a role play with that name on a kids-only website.  She's growing up and can't stay on the site forever, so she's lending the name to the student workshops she's helping me lead.

Privacy issues are always a concern.  We love to showcase young talent and creativity, but we also want to keep participants safe.

With this in mind, all the kids and teens in my workshops become part of an elite, secret society known as Bored Villains. Our mission?  To love great books, to respond to stories through creative avenues, and to participate in the telling of our own narratives in our own voices.  Sometimes we'll even entertain you.

Our first online project will be a 90-second Newbery of Graveyard Book.  It will follow in a day or two. :)


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