Western Idaho Fun

Everything I write has a bit of Idaho in it.  I belong to Idaho and Idaho belongs to me.  I wouldn't want it any other way. Western Idaho is a particularly great place to be at the end of August.

I adore the Power of Pink night at The Caldwell Night Rodeo.  Not only do they raise money to provide needed mammograms, but all those guys really look hot in pink. Here's a pic of steer wrestling:

This year we arrived at opening and left just as the gates closed.  So much to enjoy!
Some of my favorite things, in no particular order:

Carnival Rides

Pronto Pubs

Open class photography

The midway

Livestock exhibits

Antique tractor display

Kids Carnival

Sheep being shown in the show ring

Old fashioned lemonade

Old fashioned milkshakes

Favorite midway prize: Rastafarian banana dude

Pony rides

Bungee trampolines

Hamster ball water rides

Jugglers on unicycles

Frozen coke

Hypnotist shows

Lumberjack show

The Midway After Dark
I love summer evenings like this, when the heat of the day recedes, the air smells of fair food, and fun is a ticket away.

The Show Ring
These kids are really amazing.  Their dedication impresses me every time.

Carnival Goldfish
Carnival Goldfish Games are a lesson in abstinence. One weak moment and that little life is yours.  Our goldfish turned a year old this year.  Bah.

The Lumberjack Show
Great fun! Just watch:


  1. Late August is a wonderful time to be in #Idaho! Why? Glad you asked--> http://t.co/qj0aWWv

  2. You make it look like The Place to Be. Thanks for sharing what's so obviously a part of the Idaho culture. Sure would love to get some fair food and wander through the midway with you. And real rodeo cowboys? Don't get me started.

    Take care,

  3. Don't miss @johannaharness's latest article on her blog: http://t.co/5Ndvbwo (Warning: contains #cowboys.) #amwriting #Idaho

  4. Cowboys, logrolling, midways & more. It's August in Western Idaho. http://t.co/GRGORQF #amwriting

  5. I am in awe of anyone who can hit a target with an axe. They look pretty good in those tight black pants, too. : - )

  6. Looks like you had a great time. and those are some great photos! I can't really do fairs, but I can love them in theory, from afar.

    I remember from when I was a kid, the animals were always my favorites.

    john ross

  7. Me too. This post is a little like a postcard, isn't it? :)

  8. The animals are still one of my favorite parts. There were kids in the dairy barn lying on top of their big jersey cow, hugging her and sleeping.


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