Happy Birthday, #Amwriting!

Two years ago today, I started the #amwriting community on Twitter.  It still feels surreal that a simple idea turned into something so big.

I've written about the beginnings of the community on The Amwriting Blog and I've talked about the value of connecting with my Gem State Writers post.  I'm using this space to share some pictures.

These are the three pictures I've used over the last two years.  I started out afraid to look at the camera. My daughter took the next picture when @gharness and I celebrated our 22nd wedding anniversary.  Then I took a wonderful online class from @viviennemcm and learned how to have fun with self-portraiture. During that class, I took the third picture.

I start my writing day at 5AM. This is me, waiting for coffee to brew, just before I post the writer roll call.

How about some pictures from the Pacific Northwest Writers Association conference last year?  I have a few fuzzy pictures from my phone.

Here I am with @wayzgoose

And here I am with @MonicaEPierce.

And here with @Bob_Mayer:

One more.

Here I am with @levimontgomery:

I will be posting and tweeting throughout the day.  Watch for more pictures!

Happy birthday, #Amwriting!

The next post belongs to PJ Kaiser and her blog is "Inspired by Real Life."


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  2. Happy Birthday #amwriting !!
    I love the photos, Jo.

  3. Thank you, Jim! I'll have more photos posted throughout the day too. If you post something today, send me the link and I'll tweet it!

  4. Happy Birthday to #amwriting and a very big thank you to Johanna for all the support you have offered me, personally and as member of the #amwriting community. Johanna, you make a writer's life which needs to be lonely sometimes and sometimes unwanted loneliness, so much brighter, and so much warmer, you are strength itself.

  5. A big #WriterWednesday shoutout to @johannaharness, whose #amwriting community is two years old today! http://bit.ly/oXUf2S #WW

  6. Congratulations! Thanks for having such a good idea and sharing it! I haven't participated much but plan to and check in regularly. Fabulous information-sharing and community. Well done, Johanna

  7. It's all about community, Zehra! You're there for me too and I'm so thankful.

  8. Thank you, Patricia! I'm so glad you took the time to comment. I'll look for you on #amwriting!

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