Amwriting FAQ

What is #Amwriting?

#Amwriting is a Twitter hashtag created by Johanna Harness on August 3, 2009. The hashtag is a shortened version of "I am writing."

 It is an ongoing chat, meant to happen in the background of a writer's day. It is a place where colleagues check in when they arrive at work, discuss ideas with other creative minds in their profession, and post announcements or daily struggles that only other writers will appreciate.

For many new writers, the #amwriting hashtag becomes a form of job shadowing. As writers go through their days, discussing research, conferences, word counts, submissions, and publishing options, anyone following begins to get a sense for the business of writing.  Lurking is not only allowed, but encouraged.

Mission Statement:

#Amwriting was created for all writers who struggle to become better writers. It is a community for those who believe the art of writing has the power to transform the lives of writers and readers. We believe there is room for all and we are not threatened by the creativity of others. We believe that telling stories is integral not only to our own well-being, but also the well-being of the greater communities in which we live. We know that our ability to tell stories is linked to individual and group identities and we encourage others to find their voices and join the conversation. We believe in diverse stories told by those closest to those stories.

An Inclusive Community:

#Amwriting is an open and inclusive community. All are welcome, regardless of race, color, national origin, gender, religion, age, sexual orientation, or disability.

How To Begin:

The writers in our community care about each another. As the popularity of our hashtag increases, outsiders post an increasing number of spam messages, but the heart of the group remains the same. We are a place where writers connect with other writers, for mutual encouragement and support. The best way to start using the tag is not by expecting others to help you, but by extending good will to others. Get to know people.  Offer something useful to the group, whether it's an encouraging word or a useful link. Be helpful.

For more information on becoming a member of any Twitter community, see my advice in "Get Out There And Do Not Tweet."

Writing Sprints:

We often do #amwriting sprints on Twitter. You are always welcome to do a call-out to others to write with you. Some people do #1K1HR sprints, which means you write either one hour or until you reach 1000 words. When I do a call-out, I usually call them #amwriting sprints and say, "Write/revise/edit and report back in 1 hr. All are welcome." Because we have participants from all over the world, it's easiest to announce your sprints without the hour. Just say you're sprinting at :00 (or whatever minutes past the hour).

Other Hashtags:

#Amwriting is one of many writing hashtags on Twitter. @InkyElbows keeps track of various chats and also provides information about chat clients that might be helpful to you. For ongoing chats, see her list of slow chats. For chats occurring a various times during the week, see her "week at a glance" list.

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