Guinea pigs

Today on Twitter, @NeWiilson asked about our guinea pigs, so these photos are for everyone, but especially for her. We have three.

This is Ruby.  She's an American and she chatters nonstop.  She complains when the other guinea pigs look at her.  She sings when she's happy.  She purrs all the time. 

This is Ilya. She's an Abyssinian roan with very pretty rosettes.  She's the quietest of the three and probably also the sweetest.  She doesn't care for attention, but she's deeply loyal to the boy who cares for her.  She rarely purrs, but she undoubtedly means it when she does.

This is Ginger.  She's a Teddy and she has a bit of an attitude.  She's bossy and definitely rules the guinea pig home.  She's also beautiful.  Her coat is lovely, her eyes are clear, and she sits on her little carpet like a queen, waiting to be admired.  She does have a soft spot for her young owner and loves a gentle touch over her eyes, the one that pulls away any stray, bristly hairs that might interfere with her vision. In those moments Ginger acts like the sweetest little thing. She even purrs.


  1. They're all very pretty. My kids had hamsters and loved them.

    1. Hi, Stephanie! I never had hamsters, but I had a gerbil once. He was never very sociable though. I did love my Norwegian rabbit Suzie, though. She would sit in my lap (my whole lap) and watch t.v. with me. ;-)

  2. They are cute. We only ever had one, and she was my brother's so I didn't get to play with her much. Thanks, for sharing them with us!

  3. Stephanie & John--they are awfully cute. I'm really enjoying the challenge of empathizing with an animal new to me. They see the world in a completely different way than any of the animals I've raised before this.


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