New lamb!

Yes.  We have a new lamb.  Her name is Annie and here she is just a few hours old:

When I posted this on twitter, a lot of people asked about Baxter the house lamb.  No.  He's no longer in the house.  He's doing well out with the rest of the sheep now.  He never did get very big, but he's healthy.  Here's a picture of him:


  1. Stupidly cute! Better not let my four year old see these (we've got enough problems resisting her demands for a hamster - we really don't have a very large house...)

  2. That is one adorable lil' critter ya got there. Welcome to the world, Annie! And Baxter, lookin good, fella.

  3. Thank you! She's a few days old now and doing really well. I couldn't find her yesterday. Looked around until I spotted her sleeping in the middle of a pile of hay, half-covered and happy as could be.

  4. Ohhhh--she's precious! And Baxter is just as handsome as can be. :)


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