Quick Thoughts About Long Revisons

I've been working on a major revision of Claire Morgane Almost Saves The World since August.  I finished the main part of the revision on last week and am now looping back through chapters to play with words. I need to read aloud and integrate reader feedback from the whole book.  But seriously? All that is play compared to the work just completed.

I can tell when I'm writing a serious revision because I keep hitting that point where I'm sure there's no way, ever, that I'm going to be able to pull off what I'm attempting.  And yet, I keep going.  And when it doesn't work that first time, I loop back and make it better.  And when that version doesn't quite work, I loop back and make it better.  And when that version is almost there, but not quite?  Yeah.  I loop back and make it better.

And when I end up with a copy that my readers race through for the thrill of the ride--and the ride doesn't go off the rails--that's pure joy.

I've written easier stories, but I'd rather write the difficult stories and make them look easy.

Over the course of this revision, I've written a few posts on my process:

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Leading up to this revision, I wrote these two:

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I also read this post by Mary Kohl, which I found incredibly validating: Big Revision.


  1. One day, all your diligence is gonna come your way and say, "Check in the mail!" KEEP GOING, LADY! I'm out here believing in you.

  2. Thanks so much, Charlene! Your support means the world to me. :)


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