My Thinking Cap

When I was in grade school and the teachers wanted us to really focus on what they were saying, they'd tell us to put on our thinking caps.

Last week, in the final stages of my revision, I needed a break so I could focus again.  So I started knitting a thinking cap.

Because really, when you're desperately grasping for any bit of inspiration or motivation, a thinking cap seems like a pretty good idea.

My revision is now done and submitted and my thinking cap is also completed and felted.

I'm sure I'm smarter when I'm wearing it.  Or at least it keeps me from taking life too seriously.

Writing is supposed to be fun, right?


  1. I love it! Maybe I'll bring my Indianapolis Colts ball cap in to wear as my thinking cap. I know it would make me feel smart!

  2. Thanks, Marian! Everyone should have a thinking cap, for levity if nothing else.

  3. I love your thinking cap, Johanna. I think I need one, too. I am far too serious about my writing, needing it to be just perfect. Maybe a silly and creative hat to write in would help me relax and just write. Off to find my own thinking cap. Thanks for the idea!


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